About us

Hello! My name is Kathryn Hauge and I am the owner of I Found Design. My mission is to find beautiful, practical and meaningful home and décor treasures from South Africa and bring them to Norway.

I Found Design began with a love story. After meeting my now Norwegian husband at a wedding in Cape Town, I followed him up north to London for 6 years and then even further north to Oslo with two kids in tow. 

When I first visited Norway in 2010, I immediately fell in love with the home décor and Scandinavian styled products and realized how many products from South Africa would work so well in Norway.

During my travels, I bring back treasures from South Africa for Norwegians to savour the same warmth these products bring.

Whether you are born and bred in Africa or have simply visited, the continent becomes part of your soul. Bringing over these beautifully sourced products creates a connectivity between Norway's minimalist design and the spirit of Africa.


Love Kath x

Business registration details: HAUGE DESIGN - 918053956