Wallpaper, Textures and Tropical Trends

Wallpaper, Textures and Tropical Trends

Things are about to get really good.

We are so excited to announce our collaboration with Room 13 Design in Cape Town. This sister team has designed a unique range of textiles, cushions and wallpaper that are bang on the money when it comes to the 2017 decorating trends. 

Some top interior designers have highlighted these 2017 forecasts.

Green is back. From the limes, mint, sage and emeralds, green is strong again. Think wall color, wallpaper or large rug. If you’re not sold on that idea, then even using green glasses on your table will give you the up to date look.

Tropical & Botanical prints. You just have to take a look at some of the runways this year and you will see how tropical and botanical prints will continue to be popular. This can be in the form of wallpaper and designer fabrics. If these prints are too much for your home you can always use scatter cushions with these trendy patterns.

Texture. Texture is definitely in! Brushed brass tables, fabrics, materials, light fittings and wallpaper. Drape a chunky knit wool blanket over a leather armchair or add a brushed brass coffee table to your living room and you have a winner.

Shapes. Simple lines, geometric designs and triangles will make your home feel organized and on trend. 

Room 13 Design have nailed the brief. Their collection of designs uses textures with botanical and geometric designs. It’s no wonder it's love at first sight. 

How do you order these incredible textiles and wallpapers?

All the wallpaper and textiles are made to measure and it takes approximately 3 weeks from order to delivery in Norway. You need to measure your wall from left to right and from top to bottom. Do not include the top cornice or bottom skirting in the measurements. Check both sides of the wall as ceilings and walls can be uneven.

Contact us with your measurements to place your order and receive a quote. +47 951 12 317

Just arrived in Norway

Finally after months of planning, our carefully selected products have arrived from sunny South Africa into snowy Norway and are available to order online now through our online shop or Facebook.

It's fascinating how two countries on opposite sides of the world can have similar home decor styles and designs. South Africa has a unique twist on Scandinavian style which compliments any home. 

So happy shopping! I hope you love the products as much as I do. I am off to South Africa for the Christmas holidays in search of more new exciting designs and products. Watch this space!

God Jul :)